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The Seven Starred Dolphin is the Visionary Party MascotThe Visionary Party encourages you to visit members in your area. We want you to make friends, organize communications, step up in local elections and community activities. Together we can end the current two party system as we know it. 

Are you tired of the Republicans destroying the environment? Are you tired of the Democrats promoting civil unrest? Are you tired of fake news coming from both sides? The Visionary Party is genuinely independent of either of these or of any of their legacy and our media promotes our own values so the public knows what they are getting. We are not controlled by an elite few who have power over the media, over the wars they start, over the hatred they create, over the resources they take. We care about the future of the people of America and the world and want a better life.

Did you know there are more political independents in America than there are Republicans or Democrats combined? You may lean to the left or to the right but if you don't agree with everything those parties say, you won't have a voice. And that is what the Visionary Party is for.

Together, we can make it happen. We will establish a community that has stated values that we all agree on and protect together. Imagine having truly fair and balanced news, for once! Imagine no more fake news! We don't need the two dinosaur parties to keep using us. America will no longer be an oligarchy, a plutocracy, a corporatocracy. We will be a nation of the people, for the people and ruled by the people. We have a vision for a better America. And we can make it happen.

Let's Make America Great!